Jarad Schofer, Saint Albans School

Pete Bergen came to Saint Albans School to talk about stand-up and improv comedy.  He arrived early, was dressed nicely, and treated the opportunity with the utmost amount of professionalism.  In a room of about 15 boys, Pete talked about what it is like to do stand-up and improv comedy and the differences between the two.  I didn’t ask him to prepare anything, but he came equipped with a presentation and it was clear he took the endeavor seriously and wanted to do a good job.  

He did a nice Q & A session with the students about anything comedy-related, and he also offered support and help for one boy who performed some stand-up comedy for the whole group.  The young man was uncomfortable and didn’t feel he was doing a good job, but Pete knew exactly what to say and it lifted the boy’s spirits and then the boy got a lot of laughs from the crowd. 

After Pete left my school, all I heard from the attendees was “Pete is awesome!” or “I really enjoyed that” or “When is he coming back?”  He is a great instructor who knows how to connect with people of all ages.  He is funny and entertaining while also showing students how improv and stand-up comedy skills translate to aspects of everyday life.  I highly recommend Pete as an instructor.



Jarad Schofer

St. Albans School