Robyn Greksouk, Theater Arts Director, Carl Sandburg Middle


Last week Pete Bergen came to my school, Carl Sandburg Middle, to teach an Improv workshop to my students.  Upon first meeting Pete my students were immediately at ease.  My hope was to provide an enriching experience for my kids on the last few days of school (after grades were due and when most teachers were just showing movies).  Pete surpassed my highest expectations.  He consistently gave positive feedback and made each and every one of my students look good while performing on stage.  When one of my students would blank, he would step into the scene and make them the prized gift of the scene.  So instead of my student feeling stupid for not knowing what to say, they left the stage feeling confident and supported.  It is clear how seasoned Pete is in the art of improv acting and he succeeded in making an advanced art, stress-free for my students.   I plan on having him come back more than once to work with my students in the future!