Amy Hard, Theater Arts Director, Robinson Secondary School

I hire Pete Bergen every year to do our introduction to improv.  Why?  A few reasons:

-          The kids enjoy and trust a professional.

-          Students love learning things from someone ELSE.

-          Students itch to show off for guests.

-          Pete is gregarious, warm, funny, tough, loving, inclusive, and FULL of positive, infectious energy.

-          They respond to his authoritative yet compassionate approach.

-          He is in control of the high energy chaos.

-          His passion for improv is boldly evident.   It is clear that he loves nothing more than to share it with students.

-          He is knowledgeable and RELEVANT.  He CURRENTLY takes classes, teaches, and perform improv.  He is a true expert and enthusiast.

-          Joy.  He is joy, he spreads joy, he cultivates joy.


After teaching improv in my classes for 10 years, I started to take classes at Washington Improv and basically married into the professional improv community in DC J  I met Pete through my husband when they performed for our school (they’ve returned every year since).  Pete is a beloved leader in the community- actively connected, putting up shows, bringing in guest artists, setting up workshops, doing stand-up comedy, teaching, and performing. 


I endorse him.  Your kids will love him.  You’ll learn something to teach kids in the future (but you’ll probably just hire him again, cause it’s so fun).


Ms. Amy Hard

Robinson Middle School Drama