Elizabeth Malone, Theater Arts Director, Thoreau Middle School

Peter Bergen is a class act.  He was an extremely professional theatre artist, and his enthusiasm and excitement working with my students was contagious.  From the minute he started teaching his workshops at Thoreau Middle School, I could tell that the students were going to instantly fall in love with his teaching style and learn improv skills in a fun, interactive way.  His approach was accessible and easy to understand and follow.  He was kind, tolerant, and understanding with my students who had varying backgrounds and experiences in short form improv.   With a mixture of humor and patience, he lead the students step by step, building upon lessons taught in previous activities, and offered constant positive redirection and constructive criticism.


Moreover, Peter was easy to contact.  He was accessible by both phone and email and responded to questions and concerns in a timely manner. He was flexible with scheduling times for the workshops and was open to working with a large group of students.  Peter's rates are also extremely affordable and competitive.


In the words of my students "When's Mr. Bergen coming back? He was awesome!" I would like to echo and agree with that statement. He truly was a great improv instructor, and after he left I could see the growth and improvement in my students.  If you are looking for an improv teaching artists for your students, what ever level, I highly recommend you contact Peter Bergen. He will make your students laugh and have fun.  He will teach them what they need to know, and they will remember it and use it.



Elizabeth Malone