Joanna Edie. Drama Teacher. The Langley School

It was super. Pete was energetic, professional, informative and fun. He managed the kids really well (kept it lighthearted but called kids out when they were slacking off or being the "wrong kind of silly"). He made his lesson clear without beating a dead horse. The kids really understood what it means to make your partner look good and always say "yes and," and they understood why those things are important. He also took the opportunity to tie it in to non-improv situations such as public speaking. It was a home run from everyone's perspective: mine, my administrator's, the kids and (I hope) Pete.
The highlight of the day for me was seeing one of our students who is typically described as very shy, introverted and awkward raise her hand and participate. Even when she lost her steam a little bit, Pete encouraged her. I was floored that she even volunteered once, and then I saw her raise her hand multiple times.